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VIP chauffeur

Are you interested in a VIP chauffeur because you want VIP’s to arrive safely at their destination? Car Class specializes in VIP transport throughout the Netherlands.

Benefits of a VIP chauffeur

Your ride with a VIP chauffeur has many advantages:

Travel in comfort, style and safety.
Your VIP chauffeur guided turn for the door.
The VIP chauffeur will always protect you and your valuables.

Qualified VIP transport

The chauffeurs used to transport VIP’s are qualified chauffeurs with special safety and security certificates alongside previous experience in the security sector.. The VIP chauffeurs will prepare each route prior to the journey, make preventive observations to identify risks and collaborate with other (security) parties.

We provide more information about VIP transport during a meeting with one of our account managers. Call for an appointment to 088-CHAUFFEUR (088-24 28 333) or mail to info@carclass.nl.

Safety first