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Executive chauffeur

In addition to using our private drivers we also offer executive chauffeurs. Naturally an executive chauffeur exceeds the high standards of our chauffeur services. The difference is that the executive chauffeur is officially qualified with a CCV-D1 certificate.

Why choose an executive chauffeur from Car Class?

An executive chauffeur:

guarantees a safe trip to your destination
is reliable and discrete
is representative and accurate
speaks several languages

During an appointment (and the chauffeur’s waiting time), the chauffeur can carry out other small tasks, such as washing the car or posting the mail.

Selection procedure for your chauffeur

Step 1: Consultation. An account manager from Car Class will personally visit you to identify your needs. When an agreement is met and the requirements for your chauffeur are finalized, a list of suitable applicants will be presented to you.

Step 2: Selection. Car Class allows you to compare each candidate and personally select your desired chauffeur.

Step 3: Trial period and driving. The candidate will work with you in his or her probationary period. When you are satisfied, the match is complete and our service continues.

Step 4: Evaluation. The merits of your chauffeur will be evaluated together with your account manager, so we can optimize our services.

Affordable hourly rate for an executive chauffeur

The use of a executive chauffeur is at an hourly rate of € 43,10 (excl. VAT), insurance included. Contact Car Class when you want to know more about the possibilities of hiring a executive chauffeur.

CCV-D1 certified


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