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Job as student chauffeur

Are you a student looking for an interesting job?

Apply for a job as student chauffeur online now!

Since 1995 Car Class Chauffeur Services provides chauffeurs for business or recreative use. Car Class Chauffeur Services operates nationwide with chauffeurs in every region of the Netherlands.

Car Class Chauffeur Services offers you a very nice introduction rate of 
€ 17,50 per hour (excl. VAT) during your first trip, insurance included!

Car Class Chauffeur Services provides the perfect efficient solution. Representative chauffeurs will drive you in your own car, at any time, to any destination. Meanwhile, you can relax in the backseat, preparing yourself for your next appointment. As soon as your appointment ends the chauffeur will be waiting out front to bring you to your next destination.

Car Class Chauffeur Services provides the best solution when:


You do not have the time to drive yourself;


You are unable to drive (i.e. injuries or incapability);


Your destination is Schiphol or any other airport;


Your guests need transportation;


Your destination requires a long drive;


You wish to consume an alcoholic beverage during a party or reception;


You realise that a chauffeur will be an efficient solution, because during the ride you are able to continue your work.

Competitive rate

If you request a private chauffeur from Car Class Chauffeur Services, our fixed rate is € 29,35 per hour (excl. VAT). If you wish to be brought to your appointments in style and comfort, and your time is valuable, then Car Class Chauffer Services is the perfect cost effective solution.

High quality standards

We demand the highest standards from all of our chauffeurs. Primarily, all chauffeurs must pass an extensive application process which includes a series of tests including an interview and a driving skills test. Following this, successful applicants receive extensive internal training delivered internally. Car Class use progress evaluations to ensure the continuous development of our chauffeurs throughout their employment.

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