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Injured? Get a chauffeur from Car Class

More and more people are discovering the benefits of a chauffeur after an injury. A chauffeur can help you when you can’t drive because of medical reasons or restrictions.There are a number of medical reasons why a person cannot drive, these include twists, fractures, epilepsy and also heart conditions. If you have been affected by something like this you can hire your own chauffeur you can get you out and about again.

Our experienced chauffeurs will be driving you in your own car. You can depart from your own home, without having to worry about the travelling time, taking the right turn or the quickest route. The chauffeur will either go home or wait in the hours he’s not driving. While you are at your appointment the chauffeur is available for tasks such as a mail delivery or going to the car wash.

There are possibilities for reimbursements by your insurance company when you are obligated to use a chauffeur for being able to get back to work.  Create a win-win situation for you and your employer!

Please note that you are never allowed to drive while injured. Your insurance company doesn’t cover this.

Proposal and advice for a chauffeur

Our standard rate is € 19,95 an hour. If you prefer a customized proposal, please feel free to request one. You will have a clear view of the costs for you or your insurance.

If you have any questions regarding a personal chauffeur whilst suffering from an injury, please contact us.

Injury? Hire a chauffeur!

You can hire chauffeur directly online.

Fill out our reservation form and you will receive a confirmation as soon as we found you a chauffeur.

Tip! Make your reservation one day in advance to be sure.

Make a reservation by phone

You can call us 24/7 to hire a chauffeur at +31(0)88-2428333.