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Chauffeur services

If you want to work or relax when you are stuck in traffic,, then a chauffeur service is the best solution!

Travel comfortably whilst saving money with Car Class Chauffeur Services. Besides the usual trips, Car Class offers other mobility solutions.

Car Transport

Qualified and presentable drivers that ideal for all types of car transportation.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is a convenient service when you are organizing an event and expect a lot of people to arrive by car. Car Class has the capability to meet all the transportation needs for your event.


Car Class with its experienced drivers are used for various types of delivery services: the transportation of goods for your company to the daily deliveries to your customers. Our drivers are the ideal solution!

Shuttle Service

Are you organizing an event and want your guests to arrive as comfortable as possible at the destination? Then use the Car Class shuttle service.

Airport Service

Getting to the airport can be problematic. By using public transportation you risk delays and when you travel by car, you often have to pay for parking. Car Class offers an airport service to transfer you comfortably to the airport hassle free and on time.

Nationwide coverage


More information?

More information on our chauffeur services?

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