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The 5 promises to our customers

It’s a pleasure to present to you our customer promises: reliability excellent price-quality ratiosguaranteeflexibility and clear communication.

With these five promises we make clear how we aim to treat our customers, employees and business partners. Although we have over 15 years of experience in the chauffeur industry, our aim is to constantly improve and optimize our services. If we fail to keep these promises, please contact us.

1. Reliability

Reliability is our key commitment and is therefore on the top of our priority list. Mutual trust between all stakeholders is very important to us. We work constantly to abide by agreements made, but also maintain our focus on creating detailed quotations, with perfect preparation.

2. Excellent value for money

We constantly strive to deliver excellent value for money with our low hourly rate and quality chauffeur services. We pay close attention to our chauffeurs, their driving skills, their appearance and there manner with our customers. We also provide the possibility of optional additional insurance cover for each ride.

3. Guarantee

Our nationwide coverage allows us to provide a chauffeur in 99.9% of the requests in the Netherlands, given that the reservation is made 24 hours in advance. If the reservation is made within 24 hours (last minute), we are committed to get you a driver and will always look for the best solution.

4. Flexibility

A 24/7 attitude is essential in the chauffeur industry. We offer 24/7 access to our client portal, so you can order and cancel a chauffeur up to 3 hours in advance, free of charge. In addition, we always try to think on the same level as the customer in order to deliver to the individual needs of each user.

5. Clear communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects. Clear, effective communication is not only vital internally, but obviously it is paramount towards our customers and business partners. Our aim is to continuously optimize all our communication channels, ranging from a clear and organized website, a personal login for our customers and access to our intranet. Alngside this good interaction between our planning department, our chauffeurs and our customers. We pay close attention to feedback and use it as constructively as possible. After a trip with a chauffeur we always welcome feedback that will help us develop and improve our services.

Your opinion counts!

Your comments, suggestions, complaints and comments are important to us. We work hard to constantly improve the quality of our services and can use your help. You can reach us by phone via 088-CHAUFFEUR (088-2428333) or by filling out the form on the contact page.

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