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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a contact person at Car Class?

As a customer you are appointed to one of our skilled account managers. If your account manager is not directly available at any given time, this should not be a problem, as all our accountmanagers have full access to all trip data.

Do I pay travel expenses for the chauffeur?

No, with Car Class, you never pay in cash when you use our services. In most cases there will be no travel expenses charged, because most chauffeurs have a public transport pass or bicycle to reach a customer. Also, the first half hour travel time for a chauffeur to the start address (and back) will not be charged. If the chauffeur needs a car to reach the starting point or destination, there’s a mileage surcharge of € 0.27 per km. This is more common in evening or weekend trips.

Can I change/cancel my reservation for a chauffeur free of charge?

You can cancel a reservation for a chauffeur to 3 hours in advance free of charge. Suppose you would leave at 12.00 hours, then you have up to 09.00 hours to cancel your reservation. This cancellation must always be made by telephone +31(0)88-2428333! When you cancel within 3 hours of the starting time, we will charge 3 hours of the trip.

Is there a minimum number of hours to be billed per trip?

Yes, for a chauffeur there is a minimum charge of 3 hours per day. On evening trips (ending after 22.00 hours) or trips on weekends there is a minimum charge of 4 hours. You never pay for a chauffeur surcharge per hour, but always the low rate of € 19,95 per hour plus VAT.

Do I need to pay the chauffeur immediately after the trip?

No, to make the financial administration for you and us easier you do not pay the chauffeur after each ride. Each week you receive an invoice for all activities of the previous week. Payment must then be made within 14 days.

Do I have to arrange something for the waiting time of the chauffeur?

The chauffeur can be used during your appointments for other tasks. For example to deliver mail or going to the car wash. The chauffeur takes care of his own food and beverages. Only when the chauffeur works more than 8 hours, there’s a meal surcharge of € 15.-.

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