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Every trip with chauffeur

Our unique way of working allows us to offer affordable chauffeur services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The majority of our chauffeurs are students whom are available to drive on demand. All of our chauffeurs are sociable and and presentable and all have decent driving experience.


Our chauffeur services are affordable and offer many benefits:

The possibility of working in the backseat while on the road
Save parking money when driving to Schiphol
Let your guests and customers travel in style
Consume a few drinks during a business dinner or reception
Temporarily replace your own chauffeur in case of illness or injury

Chauffeur service for any trip type

With Car Class you can hire a chauffeur for any type of trip. Either a daily trip to work or back from home after a dinner with wine. Alternatively you may require a chauffeur that will take you in your own car to your appointments everyday.

Make a reservation for a chauffeur

If you want to make a reservation for our chauffeur services, please contact Car Class Chauffeur Services by phone (+31(0)88-2428333) or make your reservation directly online.

Your chauffeur in Europe

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