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By using your own car and a student chauffeur the costs for our services are low. An hourly rate for a chauffeur service you won’t find anywhere else!

Type of chauffeur Rate Insurance
Introduction Rate € 17,50 free
Student / Private Chauffeur € 29,35 free
Executive Chauffeur € 43,10 free
Valet Parking € 29,35 free



The costs we project are dependent on the type of service you require. You will be charged for the hours that the chauffeur is driving (= driving time), or waiting (= waiting time). These hours are then divided into quarter hours. The journey made by the driver (= traveling time) will not be charged if the driver’s start address is within a half hour of the starting point. On return services, the first and last 30 minutes traveling time are free of charge.


A minimum of 3 hours will be charged per trip. For evening, night and weekend trips there is no extra charge per hour, but a minimum of 4 hours will be charged. Evening hours start at 22.00 hours. For the chauffeur a food and beverage compensation of € 15.- will be charged for each 8 hours of a trip.


Because our drivers are students and have a public transport smart cards, you will generally not be charged for travel on midweek trips. Since most drivers own a OV-chipcard. In a situation where the driver is forced to use a car to get to the start address and end address, a fee of € 0.33 per km is liable. This happens on trips starting very early in the morning or late at night, when no public transportation is available.

For more information, see our terms .

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